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Emile Henry Flame Plancha Grill, Black

Emile Henry Flame Plancha Grill, Black

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Made in France.

The Emile Henry Flame Plancha Grill in black is a useful addition to your outdoor kitchen. Use it to cook everything from burgers to shrimp to veggies. We really love the plancha because of its design which drains calorie-laden fat away from the food but not into the grill! And, easy clean up since the plancha is made of dishwasher-safe ceramic. The Emile Henry plancha is made in France. BTW, plancha is Spanish for plate, grill or grilled, in case you were wondering.

Product Details:

Great for grilling vegetables and seafood

Slanted design allows fat to collect in groove at bottom

Heat resistant up to 930 degree 6.5" X 10"

Dishwasher safe