Finex 10-inch Cast Iron Skillet

Finex 10-inch Cast Iron Skillet

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Made in the United States.

“Born for burgers, pancakes and baking. Cornbread never tasted better.”

The FINEX No. 10 Cast Iron Skillet was born for searing juicy hamburgers, flipping golden pancakes and baking savory cornbread. In fact, cornbread baked in cast iron achieves a golden brown crust on all sides and never tasted better.

This skillet is also a great choice for lighter meals like stir-fry, side dishes like roasted root vegetables and big breakfasts like French toast and bacon.

The deep sided-walls keep ingredients where they belong and an extra thick base reduces hot spots creating an even dispersement of heat.

A versatile and durable cast iron skillet. Due to its octagonal shape, the 10” skillet is easy to pour from any angle minimizing messy spills. Its pre-seasoned ultra-polished cook surface stands up to and is safe for use with any type of utensil including metal spatulas. We’ve designed the polished stainless steel spring handle to feel at home in any sized hand. A ribbed helper handle on the front lip makes it easy to transfer it from stovetop to table, and a brass cap makes it easy to hang up when you’re done. As with all our cookware, the Finex 10” skillet is handmade and hand seasoned with natural organic flax seed oil – a key finishing touch that makes for easier cooking and cleaning, and also makes it ready for use right out of the box.

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